LALU – The Fish Who Wanted To Be King

Previously the keyboard player with Shadrane and Hubi Maisel, Vivien Lalu formed his eponymously named band in 2004. The idea was that the band would approach prog in a very unrestrained way, and also add contemporary elements to keep things interesting. Considering a lot of prog metal in the mid noughties seemed to consist of stuck-in-a-rut Dream Theater-isms – especially from DT themselves – and so much prog relied upon obvious influences, Lalu’s desire for a bigger and more interesting musical canvas wasn’t unwarranted. Of course, there were a few freewheeling, pioneering spirits then – not least of all Devin Townsend, always marching to his own drum – but prog metal definitely needed new blood at that time.

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Engraved Disillusion: new album details

It’s been three years since their last studio album, but the UK’s “metal juggernaut” Engraved Disillusion are back with a new LP set for release on 31st October.

In the intervening years, the band have made a few changes – the addition of vocalist Matthew William Mead and new bassist Aaron Preston, allowing the band to utilise both throaty and clean vocals.

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