FIVE YEARS: Real Gone’s Gold Standard (2009-2014)

In the five years of Real Gone’s existence, there have been dozens upon dozens of fine releases. Some we’ve loved instantly, some demanded a little more time before their magic became wholly apparent.  To mark five years worth of internet presence and hundreds of reviews written in that time, we present a brief look back at ten of our favourite albums to ever fill Real Gone’s columns.  In no particular order…drum roll please!

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New video from The Dead Exs

New York garage blues duo have made a new video. …Or rather, various fans have sent them source materials which have been spliced together. The brief: “show us how our music makes you feel”. The results can be seen below.

The song is the title track from their 2012 release ‘Relovolution’.

Read a review and listen to the album here. A review and stream of their debut record can also be found here.