Watch the new video from Tokyo Tea Room

Starting out as a bedroom project, Kent’s Tokyo Tea Room later grew into a fully fledged band. Their music draws a huge influence from various 90s alternative and shoegaze sounds, while vocally they take in elements of dream pop and twee underground acts.

Their debut cassette, ‘Key Philosophy’ was released via Sexx Tapes in June 2016. Check out the video for ‘Sleep’ below.

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RAY GUN – May The Bridges I Burn Light Your Way EP

Ray Gun cassetteSometimes a release appears and instantly achieves the status of cult classic. Such is the case with the UK’s Ray Gun, whose debut cassette is so brilliantly DIY. In fact, had this band been spawned from Brooklyn, this release would surely have been snapped up by the King Pizza label and Ray Gun would be going head to head with The Rizzos and The Fucktons, such is their retro charm and wanton lo-fi discord.

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