Watch: Sacrilege share new video for ‘In Hell’

In the summer of 2019, Sacrilege released ‘Court of The Insane’, a shamelessly old fashioned metal album that managed to be one of the worst discs of the year.  Workmanlike riffs dredged up from 1984 coupled with lyrics like “Am I guilty of the things what they say / And who are they anyway?” led to an unintentionally funny listening experience.

Moving forwards, the veteran UK metal band’s contribution to 2020 is a re-recording of an old song titled ‘In Hell’, for which they’ve shared a brand new video.

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SACRILEGE – The Court Of The Insane

Arriving on the scene in 1982 at the tail end of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, Sacrilege were originally active as a gigging band for five years. Although they played London’s legendary Marquee at their peak, in many ways, they were just one of hundreds of bands at that time who never “made it” in the truest sense. During their original life-span, they never recorded an album, and so by the end of the nineties, they seemed destined to be all but forgotten.

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