Mercy Brown heading out on tour

Washington based alternative/hardcore metal band Mercy Brown are about to hit the road again.  The dates are still promoting their self titled debut album and there’s no sign of new material just yet, but they’ve released a new video which you can watch in full below.  The featured track, ‘Correspondent’ gives a glimpse into the heavy thrills and huge riffs that fill the bulk of the album.

Mercy Brown’s confirmed live dates are as follows:

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MERCY BROWN – Mercy Brown

mercy brownMercy Brown’s debut album is a sledgehammer of a release. This Washington based band clearly aren’t keen to mess around; while not always the easiest of listens, this first full-length comes loaded with riffs the size of juggernauts, a production value so entrenched in bottom end that even the biggest riffs sound bigger still and their pneumatic rhythmic assault that’s like being repeatedly slapped in the mouth. They’re very much advocates of metal with a capital M and appear to have no time for the moulded and more mainstream bands that have so often filled the metal TV channels like Scuzz during the previous couple of years before this release.

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