BLACKLAB – Under The Strawberry Moon 2.0

BlackLab are a sludge, doom and fuzz metal duo from Japan. Their album ‘Under The Strawberry Moon’ was released in 2017 in a very limited pressing. Recognising their potential to appeal to an overseas audience, UK indie label New Heavy Sounds remixed the album, beefing up the overall sound and subsequently gave it a broader distribution. The resulting ‘Under The Strawberry Moon 2.0’ isn’t just heavy. It isn’t just doomy. It’s positively devastating.

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SUN VOYAGER – Seismic Vibes

For those who’ve not been paying attention, fuzz rock troupe Sun Voyager have been lurking on the Brooklyn underground scene since 2012. After a few enjoyable EPs, ‘Seismic Vibes’ – their first full length LP – really capitalises on their previous musical ideas, presenting a world of haze and stoner based riffs with not only more confidence but also a better production value than they’ve ever had. Those who think “better production” could also mean more commercial should fear not, though, since everything that was great about these mighty Sun lords before remains just as great; it’s just that this time around, the material has more warmth and depth. It’s interesting they’ve not taken advantage of the longer playing time and experimented with longer songs, but just one or two listens to this album should be enough to explain why: there’s definitely something about this material that is more effective in short bursts.

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“It’s Table Scraps and puppet show!”: Check out ‘I’m A Failure’, the new video from Table Scraps

With their new album ‘Autonomy’ just released on February 23rd, indie rockers Table Scraps continue promotion for the new record with a brand new video featuring…sock puppets.

The visuals that accompany ‘I’m a Failure’ – taken from the new LP – come across like a hybrid of MTV’s past with elements of Beavis & Butthead and Liam Lynch’s ‘Sifl & Ollie’ show.  Musically, this new offering from Table Scraps is very much in keeping with the visual, since their brand of wantonly fuzzy indie pop retains a very irreverent style.

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