WITHERING SCORN – Prophets Of Demise

Although technically still a new band at the time of this 2023 release, Withering Scorn features some very familiar faces. Metal fans will recognise guitarist Glen Drover from his time as one of MegaDave’s hired hands in one of the lesser versions of Megadeth, as well as being a man who has released metal-oriented instrumental records. Bassist Joe DiBiase spent most of his musical life as a member of Fates Warning, and vocalist Henning Basse has previously been a member of Metalium and Firewind. Rounding out the line-up is Glen’s brother Shawn, a man who has also served time with Megadeth, as well as being a member of Eidolon (also with Glen) and Act of Defiance. It isn’t exactly what most people would call an “all star” line-up, but in terms of hard working, seasoned musicians, Withering Scorn has something of a pedigree.

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