FATE – If Not For The Devil

In the minds of many, Danish rockers Fate will always be best remembered for being “that band that previously featured Mattius Eklundh on guitar”. When it comes to guitar based histrionics, Eklundh’s best work is hard to beat. On the first two albums released by his subsequent band Freak Kitchen, he managed to construct riffs that blended the grunge of Alice In Chains with the bendy jazz of a mid 70s Zappa and add the more bizarre elements of Steve Vai, but still end up with something strangely accessible and melodic. His guitar instrumental albums feature jaw-dropping sounds that are guaranteed to make the listener wonder how the hell he actually achieves some of his best tricks, and ‘Freak Guitar: The Road Less Travelled’ features the most insane version of ‘Smoke On The Water’ you’re ever likely to hear.

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