DUCK & COVER – Attention Economy EP

  • With its mix of classic hard rock and an almost bar-room trash aesthetic, Duck & Cover’s 2018 release ‘Rob Them Blind’ was fuelled by a superb confidence. Driven by the kind of high octane riffs that would have suited both Duff McKagan and the early years of Soul Asylum alike, its eight songs delivered highly in terms of toughness and retro cool. It wasn’t widely noticed by the world at large – despite the Rum Bar Records label doing their best via a free download of the excellent ‘Live It Up’ – but it gained praise from almost everyone who happened to stumble upon it at the time. The three song EP ‘Two Shots’ followed in 2020 and, if anything, was even better thanks to an even stronger sense of urgency supplied by more of a melodic punk feel. Between them, these two DIY releases really suggested that, despite their home city of Boston being almost overrun by great bands, Duck & Cover had something special.

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