BIG BIG TRAIN: “Bard” – Authorised high quality download

Betweeen 14-16th August 2015, progressive rockers Big Big Train make most of their fanbase’s wishes come true, staging three live gigs in London.  This breaks years of silence for the band in the live setting, having not played any live shows for decades.  Unsurprisingly, tickets for those shows sold out in record time.

There’s still another piece of the BBT puzzle eluding most fans.  Their third proper album ‘Bard’ has been out of print forever.  Recorded at a transitional time in the band’s history, they do not feel it is at all representitive of the bulk of their work and are not keen to have it reissued, despite fan demand.

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Big Big Train to reissue ‘Bard’ as 5.1 deluxe edition

Having spent the first part of their career defining their sound and dealing with shifting line-ups, prog band Big Big Train struck on a winning formula with ‘The Difference Machine’ and ‘The Underfall Yard’, before cementing their popularity with the expansive double set ‘English Electric’.

First released as two separate albums and then a deluxe set, ‘English Electric’ saw the band gain a much bigger fan base and increased press coverage. For those who’ve discovered the band in more recent times, there’s one part of the BBT history that’s absent.

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