Awooga release new video for ‘Temporal’

Sheffield-based riffmongers Awooga continue the promotion for their upcoming second release ‘Conduit’ with a new video.

The new clip compliments ‘Temporal’, the opening number from the new disc. In many ways, its dense sound and heavy riffs hark back to their previous EP, making it both the ideal opener for the album and a perfect introduction to the band for the unfamiliar.

You can watch the full clip below.

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awoogaSheffield’s Awooga play music with a dark soul, but it could never be tagged gothic. Their music has a doomy heart, but it’s not straight up doom metal. It’s progressive and can be heavy, but never in the half-arsed way that three thousand Dream Theater wannabes think is acceptable. If you were to try and pigeonhole them, the closest comparison would be to liken them to a hybrid of Amplifier and early Deftones. The Amplifier-ish elements within their heavy and wandering arrangements probably went some way to scoring the band support slots with Amplifier themselves even before they’d released any studio material. How they got to support the Soft Machine obsessed Knifeworld, on the other hand, is anyone’s guess…

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