Check out ‘Death of A Society Girl’ by Perry Blake

Perry Blake’s ‘Death of A Society Girl’ originally came out back in 2022, but the single is being promoted again as the flagship album of the same name. Moochin’ About Records clearly know they’re in possession of something interesting, but also seem aware that the track won’t be for everyone, hence the long promo cycle. This is the kind of song that needs time to grow.

The track opens rather ominously, sharing a world of off-kilter beats, which coupled with a soaring vocal that doesn’t seem to fit, sounds like something with very little commercial potential. Then, with the arrival of a rather grand string sound and busy bass line fleshing out the arrangement, something magical happens: the rather glitchy world of sound slips into some pleasing dark alt-pop that sounds like a call back to the 90s. The general vibe remains a little strange, but Blake’s vocals swell with an unexpectedly confident air in a couple of places and the string sounds grow to suit. If anything sticks here, though, it’s the marriage of the arty music with spoken word interludes from British actor Paul McGann who pops up intermittently to make everything more theatrical.

If that sounds like a brave “kitchen sink” style arrangement, that’s because it is. With this recording, Perry Blake offers more discerning listeners a chance to explore a single that cares about far more than big and inviting sounds, or even sugary hooks. …And if it takes the world another year or more to really get it, then so be it.

Watch the video below.

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