Watch ‘Adam & Eve’ – the new video from UK nu metal titans Until 9

Until 9’s 2023 EP ‘Dyadic’ shared some absolutely brilliant metal sounds. The Yorkshire based band really weren’t shy in exploring their love of nu-metal, and the release’s best tracks channelled an already retro sound that blended the darker elements of bands like Mudvayne with the force of scene giants like Coal Chamber.

Over a year on, their ‘Adam & Eve’ single presents them in a position of strength. The track shares a truly huge riff, driven by a devastating bottom end, whilst a throaty roar is counterbalanced by a world of clean voices and a huge wordless vocal hook. In keeping with many of the band’s key influences, the bass is very much a driving force, and there’s a dark chug applied throughout which drives a busy rhythm relentlessly, and ensuring there’s a little more variety, rapped elements borrow heavily from Ill Nino to create a very full sounding five minutes.

The overall sound might seem familiar and the influences are worn proudly on the band’s sleeve, but this is a superb return from Until 9. Fans of the style should absolutely love this.

Watch the full video below.