Watch: Shannon Smith shares video for ‘Valentine’s Day’

Shannon Smith’s solo recording career – following an EP recorded with Helen Townsend – got off to a great start, since his debut single ‘Dance The Night Away’ was an insanely catchy slab of pop. Its jaunty rhythms gave a vague nod to the mighty Jellyfish and a simple wordless hook ensured that pretty much anyone who heard it would love it. The mood was perfect for a song sharing the feelings that come with having a marriage proposal accepted.

In some ways, ‘I’m Gonna Change’ was an interesting follow up, since it presented Smith preparing for the next stage of life, and admitting his flaws. The equally mellow ‘Valentine’s Day’ is fairly close in spirit, musically, but far more positive, since it concerns the subject of sharing a strong feelings of love in a song. Lyrically, that’s a tried and tested vehicle, but Smith’s committed vocal and a very rich arrangement really help a great track to shine. The tones are massively soulful throughout, and a superb backing vocal arrangement adds a touch of gospel, lending an almost timeless feel. With the main tune augmented brilliantly by a crying steel guitar for just a touch of old school country heartbreak, the mellow vibes have a very rich quality, Even without an immediate hook, this track further suggests the Australian performer has a great, natural talent.

Watch the official video below.