Watch: New live clip from Bad Mary

Moving on from their series of cover tune releases, Bad Mary released a brilliant, original work with their 2023 EP ‘Trash & Glamour’. The succint release managed to share their variety of musical styles and all the excitement of 2019’s ‘The Return of Space Girl’ into a much smaller package. For fans, it would be a reminder of how much energy an on-form Bad Mary can muster, and for the uninitiated, a varied introduction to a great, underground band.

2024 promises so much more from them. Not only have they re-recorded tunes from their ‘Better Days’ album for its tenth anniversary (to be released as an EP entitled ‘Better(er) Days’ later in the year, but there’s also another EP of brand new music in the works.

In the meantime, the band have shared this rough and ready video from the Bowery Ballroom show, played in November ’23. Much like the clip of ‘Vibe-icide’ from the same show, this isn’t the best quality. The visuals are distinctly DIY and the audio is very live. But, with that, comes a certain amount of its own charm. Mike’s bass has a superb, huge sound throughout, and although Amanda’s vocals are sometimes lost in the noise, everything feels very natural in the most endearing way.

Check out the clip below. You can read a review of ‘Trash & Glamour’ here.