New “Second Edition” of Death Pill’s debut album available now!

Back in February 2023, Ukranian punk band Death Pill released their debut album. It was – and remains – absolutely terrific. It’s short playing time and sharp sound meant there was little room for filler and no time for boredom to set in. In short, it was an instant classic, and in terms of modern hardcore, up there with the best work by Natterers.

With the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, the band have felt that two of the songs, originally sung in Russian, now sit rather uneasily among the English language material. Steps were taken to re-record these with a new, English lyric. The first of these re-recordings can be heard in the video clip below. It’s fair to say that ‘Friend’ plays just as well in English, and for those already used to the Russian language original, none of the power or anger has been lost via this new take.

From today, this “second edition” of Death Pill’s debut will become the standard, official version of the LP, with the two re-recorded tracks being available on all streaming services as well as all physical releases. If you’ve not yet heard this fantastic piece of punk, there’s never been a better time to check it out!

Buy the album here: