Check out the new video from Krooked Tongue

Krooked Tongue have returned with a new single, ‘Backseat Therapy’. The new track finds the British band in an especially dark mood with its slow tempo setting up a heavy-ish alternative riff.

With the main melody delivered by a chiming guitar set against a hard rhythm, its a track that has a slow burning quality, and yet its overall tone is accessible. There’s also something about it that sounds like no-one else at the time of release due to its unexpected marriage of post rock grooves and moody indie inspired melodies. The way vocalist Oli Rainsford counters the darker melodies with a crisp soaring vocal occasionally makes everything sound like Muse without the unnecessary bombast, but beneath the heavy edge, you’ll find some haunting melodies.

The track’s best moments come, however, when Krooked Tongue dial everything back. Between the heavier moments, the track presents a perfect bassline, where fluid notes drive a great rhythm, and the guitar trades in the overdrive for softer, almost jazz inflected, repetitive notes which give Krooked Tongue’s alternative rock sounds an almost prog-ish/mathrock flair, showing a complex approach to arrangement.

They’ve chosen to share the song with an epic video, where washed out, night time scenes play out like a mini movie. Although the audio should remain, first and foremost, the most important thing when plugging a new track, the visuals here really add something to the overall experience, showing how Krooked Tongue are far and above new bands who knock stuff out on the quick and the cheap. This whole package certainly deserves to win them new fans.

‘Backseat Therapy’ is taken from the band’s ‘Deathproof’ EP, which can be purchased from their Bandcamp page here.

Check out the video below.