Listen: Justine And The Unclean share new single ‘The Chasm’

It’s been two years since the world last heard new music from Justine And The Unclean. Their last single, ‘Scorpion Bowl To Go’, released at the beginning of 2021, delivered some high energy power pop with a big lyrical hook, but their long overdue return outshines that previous effort.

At the centre of their new single ‘The Chasm’, fans will find the broad power pop melodies they’ve come to expect, and in Justine Couvault’s more than capable hands, those pop elements really shine via her distinctive, curly voice. ‘The Chasm’ offers far more than that, however: it’s musical arrangement is one of The Unclean’s biggest to date, with huge power chords coming from the guitars in a way that calls back to the ‘Lick’ years of fellow Bostonians, The Lemonheads, and there’s plenty within the track’s hefty drum sound to suggest the band have come back with a bigger punch than ever. It mightn’t have the punky undertones of some of their early tracks, but its combination of melody and pure punch is more defiant than ever. ‘The Chasm’ is a three minute belter that bodes very well for the band’s long awaited new album, which fans can expect to arrive sometime in summer ’23.

Check out ‘The Chasm’ below.