Check out video for Kovanta’s debut single, ‘Be My Queen’

Formed in 2019, Irish band Kovanta came together with a shared love of classic rock and metal bands, but also a love of the alternative movement of the early 90s. Their debut single ‘Be My Queen’ celebrates these strong musical styles and more, in a way that shows a youthful confidence.

That’s something that cuts through the centre of their debut single ‘Be My Queen’. You can hear traces of the slightly sleazy hard rock of bands like Velvet Revolver, but the track is also powered by hefty basslines influenced by Pixies and Nirvana. With the hard rock elements finally giving way to an unexpected punk interlude and a disquieting middle eight, a track that starts out as sounding fairly predictable, actually becomes more of a kitchen sink affair, despite its succinct running time.

With a driving riff and an easy hook, ‘Be My Queen’ is the kind of debut single that aims for directness, yet at the same time shows off a band who are clearly capable of even bigger things. It sets Kovanta out with best foot forward, and riffs that serve them well.

Check out the video below.