Listen to the new track from Coma Hole

Heavy duo Coma Hole are gearing up to unleash their debut EP, which promises to be a moody, sludgy and gothic affair, heavy on riffs. In the meantime, they’ve just shared a second single, ‘Wind & Bone’, which is a genuine treat for lovers of material with a doom metal heart.

Breaking free from various distorted sounds, a massive Sabbath-y riff emerges from the bass and quickly shows how Coma Hole are very much on the cusp of a timeless sound, despite only featuring bass and drums. Things then improve drastically when Eryka Fir begins to sing. Her tones are crystal clear – a fantastic contrast with the uncompromising bottom end of the music – and the crying tones add a huge melody to a brilliant swamp of sound.

Take a listen to the full track below.

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