Watch the new video from The Cheap Cassettes

In January ’22, US based retro rockers The Cheap Cassettes released their full length album ‘Ever Since Ever Since’. It wasn’t perfect, but in amongst the no-frills riffs, there were enough top tier tunes to impress lovers of their previous works.

A particular highlight was ‘Malnutrition’, a full scale, riff-heavy workout that often sounded like a mash up of ‘And The Horse They Road In On’ era Soul Asylum, Watts and an early 80s power pop band. With a heady mix of rootsy sounds and under played harmonies, it placed drummer Kevin Parkhurst in the spotlight thanks to some heavy tom work, but also showcased a deftly played lead guitar that really gave a lift to the arrangement.

For those yet to venture into the album as a whole, ‘Malnutrition’ can now be experienced as a stand alone listen, and even without the other tunes for context, it sounds like prime Cheapos.  The brand new accompanying video has a great retro feel that’s perfectly suited to the band’s old school heart. Whether you’re a fan of the band from old, or about to hear them for the first time, this already sounds like one of the best DIY rock tunes of ’22.

Watch the full clip below. Read a full review of ‘Ever Since Ever Since’ here.