Eight.Fold.Path shares new track ‘Fear’

Eight.Fold.Path is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Shannon Kerr.  The one man band’s heavy sound combines elements of classic thrash, sludgy hardcore, electronic loops and a pinch of trad metal, creating an uncompromising sound that defies being tied to a specific era.

The new track from Kerr is an unrelenting riff fest that’s sure to capture the ears of a broad spectrum of metal fans with a core sound that appears to marry classic Overkill with bits of Devin Townsend’s ‘Physicist’ project. Lyrically, the themes of challenging ones own mental state carry a timeless and important message, and in being inspired by the ‘Litany Against Fear’ from Frank Herbert’s ‘Dune’, Eight.Fold.Path also link the new track to something that always feels relevant in the cult pop culture stakes.

A particularly intense and heavy five minutes, ‘FEAR’ is set to introduce Shannon to new, potential fans and promises a great deal for the near future.

Watch the new lyric video and check out the audio below.  (Warning: contains flashing images)