Corners of Sanctuary share new video and free download of Def Leppard cover

For a rock band so well loved, Def Leppard aren’t often given the cover tune treatment. You might remember Emm Gryner’s excellent ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ on which, the Canadian singer songwriter gave the Leps’ huge hit the “full Tori Amos” treatment, or perhaps, you’re fond of Hayseed Dixie’s bluegrass take of ‘Photograph’, but for a multi-million selling band, reinterpretations of their work seem few and far between.

Here’s a welcome entry into what appears to be a surprisingly select club. US trad metal band Corners of Sanctuary have recorded an excellent cover of ‘Mirror Mirror (Look Into My Eyes’). The original recording straddles a fine line between crunch and melody, and its multi-layered vocals capture a moment between Def Leppard’s humble NWOBHM beginnings and the huge commercial sound of ‘Pyromania’, and although this version from CoS is a little tougher in places, the band have really captured the essence of the original track, whilst bringing it up to date with a harder edged guitar sound. Vocally, things remain impressive, with Joe Elliott’s sheen intact without sounding too much like a direct copy.  It’s a recording that CoS fans will love, and it’s relative familiarity deserves to bring new listeners into the fold.

‘Mirror Mirror’ can be downloaded FOR FREE from the Corners of Sanctuary website here. The new video can be seen in full below.