New editions of Twelfth Night archive releases confirmed

As the autumn begins to take a hold, the temperatures drop and the evenings start to draw in, it feels like 2021 is already beginning to bid us goodbye somewhat prematurely. Much like a fraught 2020, the year hasn’t always felt entirely positive, but here’s some good news from the Twelfth Night camp.

Brian Devoil has confirmed that two of the band’s previous CD-R archive releases are being reissued and tidied up.  The first of these, ‘Flashbacks’ is a fan essential, offering many live recordings with Geoff Mann, sourced from the classic Marquee shows.  Featuring a really early performance of ‘The Collector’, ‘Flashbacks’ is a brilliant companion to the much-loved ‘Live And Let Live’ live album.

The second title, ‘Corner of The World’ brings together a wealth of live recordings with Andy Sears, documenting the early part of the ‘Art & Illusion’ tour. As a record of the band’s third phase, it’s interesting to hear these songs performed whilst still wet behind the ears.

More info, including full tracklistings and rough draft artwork can be found in the below press release.


Another month, another Night Moves, another Bandcamp Friday*, and two more new releases to tell you about.

This month we are delighted to say that the next two albums in our Archive Releases series are about to be (re-)released. The albums in question are Flashbacks (recorded with Geoff) and Corner Of The World (recorded with Andy). As with the recent release of Entropy, both have been tidied up and remastered by Karl Groom at Thin Ice, and have had their artwork updated by Spencer Rowbotham. Both Karl & Spencer have done brilliant work as usual 🙂

* On ‘Bandcamp Fridays’, Bandcamp wavies its normal fees so all monies are transferred to the artists. It runs for 24 hours from 8am on Friday 1st October.

We are delighted to announce the forthcoming release of Flashbacks. This is the live recording made in July 1983 with Geoff. Mostly recorded at the Marquee it features only the second performance of The Collector, and the first one to be recorded. It was a hot and sweaty night that saw Geoff on top form. There are 3 bonus tracks from a gig in Wales a week later, one of which is the full 20-minute version of The Collector. It was only a month later that we played the Reading Festival for the second time, and only a few months before Geoff’s farewell shows (also at the Marquee) on the 4th & 5th of November 1983. You can see the full track listing on the image below.
Corner Of The World
This is the compilation album from May 1985 (our first tour since the Art & Illusion one the previous Autumn) when we were trying out a few new songs written with Andy Sears. Although only a short run of dates they were all memorable… and this album is drawn from the four gigs that were recorded. The double CD features no less than 17 tracks in total, and along with better-known songs like The Craft and Shame, also includes rare recordings of Requiem and South Of The Wind, songs that whilst considered for the next album (with Virgin) didn’t make the final cut. Love Song that closes Disc Two was the last song played on the last proper tour of the first era of TN…
You can see the full track listing on the image below.
The artwork for Corner Of The World is yet to be finalised, so these images are only indicative at the moment.
Pre-Order Information
We plan to make a limited number of copies of both albums, given that they are re-releases and, as with Entropy, they will be individually hand-numbered to guarantee their rarity/authenticity! The actual release date will be Friday 5th November (a memorable date in the ‘TN’ calendar…), but you can secure copies today as we are inviting pre-orders now!Both albums are being professionally made (printed & duplicated) and both are double CD-Rs in jewel cases priced at £8 each plus p&p. However if you prefer digital versions you can download them from our website (high-quality mp3s) or from Bandcamp (WAVs, FLAC, etc.)UK customers (and those outside Europe) please order from the TN website.
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You will be charged (the import) VAT at the point of sale as Bandcamp is now an official ‘marketplace’. This should mean that your CDs are not subject to any additional customs duties (or VAT being charged again). However we know that this will not always happen as it should… but you can point out that the VAT has already been collected under the IOSS system. To encourage our European customers to purchase merchandise through Bandcamp we are subsidising the cost of postage on our new releases, so as to share some of the extra costs. We are aware that a different system applies for countries like Norway and Switzerland that are in Europe but not in the EU, and will our best to help here.
Smiling At Grief – Revisited
The response (and number of pre-orders) for the LP has been excellent… and we are pleased to say it is now in the queue to be pressed. We have increased the quantity to be made slightly, meaning that there are currently just over 100 copies left to be pre-ordered, or otherwise allocated.Just to remind you the LP features contributions from Steven Wilson, Peter Jones, Simon Godfrey, Tim Bowness & Brian Hulse, Rob Reed, Lee Abraham & Stu Nicholson, Karl Groom, Dean Baker, and Mark Spencer. It will be a limited-edition LP released on 175g heavyweight vinyl in March next year, followed by double CD and download versions to which we will add several alternative mixes.UK customers can pre-order the LP from the Twelfth Night website: £18 + £ 4 p&p = £22
Please select the UK shipping option (+75p) so the p&p totals £ 4. Thank you.Non-UK customers can reserve a copy by using PayPal to send the cost of the LP (£18) directly to us using my email address If you describe it as a payment to a ‘friend’ it should arrive without any fees being deducted. Please put in the message it is for the SAG LP. When the LP is ready we will contact you to advise the postage and packing costs. Current prices are – £8.50 (EU), £17 (USA), and £13 (Rest of the World.)
It is frustrating that it will be at least 6 months before the LPs are ready, and that the overseas postage costs are so high, but sadly there’s nothing we can do about this.
Clive’s New Album
Clive is still working hard on his next album Tales of a Misspent Youth creating orchestral versions of music that inspired him when he was a teenager. It has however been delayed for ‘administrative’ reasons outside of our control… however we are still planning a double CD release, which we hope will be available to pre-order in November.And thanks to the help and support of several people ‘behind-the-scenes’, other projects are progressing well. These include a video that would make us all very happy… so until next time take care, stay safe, and don’t panic buy!Kind regards, Brian