Early material from The Fierce And The Dead to receive CD debut

Still riding high from the release of their acclaimed third album ‘The Euphoric’, it’s been a busy couple of years for The Fierce And The Dead. Despite the lack of gigs due to the global pandemic, the band have kept a high profile with a couple of excellent live releases (the download only ‘Show Me Devon: Live At Kozfest’ could be their best yet).

There’s more good news for ever growing fan base.  The first two Fierce And The Dead recordings are being reissued in October.  The first recording, ‘Part 1’ was originally only a digital only release. The nineteen minute long, sprawling jam more than paved the way for future greatness, especially since it introduced the world to a melody that would gain further popularity when it re-emerged on the excellent ‘Magnet’ EP.   ‘On VHS’ was briefly available as a very limited CD-R, but has endured due to the opening number ‘666.6’ becoming a live staple. Working with shorter and sometimes heavier post rock arrangements, it could be argued that it’s here the true sound of TFATD was born.

Whether your an extant fan or just discovering the band, this promises to be an excellent collection filler.

You can pre-order the CD – along with various bundle options – at the Bandcamp link below.