Summer Years share new video for ‘This Light’

“Life has a way of pushing you away and turning you upside down” warns frontman Nick Lanari in one of the key lines of Summer Years’ current single ‘This Light’. His observation might seem like a warning, but the new track is anything but downbeat. In fact, it’s more of a paean to pushing through; an anthem for being the best you can be. It’s main refrain even offers a few words of advice we could all take to heart: “be yourself and you’ll get through.”

Such words of encouragement require a classic tune and Summer Years bring pop-punk riffs aplenty as they hone in on the kind of sounds that’ve previously been brought to the masses via bands like Jimmy Eat World, and even with the inclusion of a slightly heavier breakdown, this becomes something of a buoyant summer anthem.

Coupled with an Instagram inspired video clip, this really sets out Summer Years as a band to watch out for.