Dany Laj and The Looks return with brand new video

Unless you happen to be from Ontario, or perhaps have an unhealthy obsession with Transatlantic power pop, there’s a good chance the name Dany Laj will not mean much to you. With his band The Looks, Dany has been cranking out quirky pop-rock sounds since 2016, but his recorded output goes back even further with a (now rare) solo EP from 2010.

The third album by Dany Laj and The Looks – 2019’s ‘Everything New Is New Again’ – received some very positive notices from established DIY power pop blogs around the net, cementing the band’s place as a cult act, but their current single ‘Don’t Keep Me Guessin’ might be their catchiest tune to date. With its heavy acoustic jangle, it almost takes a rootsy approach to power pop, ending up with something that sounds like The Bodeans colliding with They Might Be Giants. Between a massive hook, some cool male/female harmonies and a video that appears to have a quirky Brady Bunch opening credits vibe, the new release is the full package!

The band’s new album ‘Ten Easy Pieces’ is released in June 2021 on vinyl from We Are Busy Bodies and on CD from Rum Bar Records. In the meantime, you can watch the new video below.

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