Check out Nuclear Winter’s cover of the Mötley Crüe classic ‘Wild Side’

Nuclear Winter – the one man metal project masterminded by Gary Stautmeister – is set to return in May with a full length album, ‘Greystone’. Following last year’s ‘StormScapes’ EP, the new release promises a similar blend of heavy riffs mixing melodic death metal with industrial and djent edges, further cementing Gary’s place within the underground metal scene.

Before the new album arrives, here’s an extra treat from Nuclear Winter: a cover of the Mötley Crüe classic ‘Wild Side’. It retains the original’s melodic root and core riff, but twists it into something a little more abrasive. Although the recording shows more than a trace of Nuclear Winter’s greatness, if anything, it almost sounds like the version of ‘Wild Side’ Vince Neil might have delivered, had it been recorded during the sessions for his unfairly maligned ‘Carved In Stone’ album.

You can stream the whole track via the embedded video below.