Check out the new track from The 1957 Tail-Fin Fiasco

The last time most people heard from The 1957 Tail-Fin Fiasco was in the summer of 2018 when they released a stand-alone video single ’39 Grams’.  An odd tune, it side-stepped their usual sunny sounds and Steely Dan obsessions in favour of something with bigger beats and musical quirks. Understandably, the response was mixed.

The band actually sneaked out a new track, ‘Cold Cuts’ – a semi-acoustic number that was a little more traditional – at the beginning of 2020.  They’ve followed ‘Cold Cuts’ with another off-piste affair ‘Dream Pharma’ which is as quirky as it is catchy.

Another track that seems to favour a punchier style at first, it comes loaded with a monster bassline and the kind of verse that takes a while to settle in.  When the chorus hits, everything makes more sense and Essex’s answer to Donald & Walter aren’t just back…they’re back with a bang.  This is a tune that manages to be oddly infectious.

You can check it out via their new video montage below…