Grab ‘Segall Smeagol’, a free download from Ty Segall

At a time when most of the world is under quarantine, we all need entertainment and cult singer songwriter Ty Segall has a gift for everyone.  A surprise release, ‘Segall Smeagol’ features reworkings of six tracks from the Harry Nilsson album  ‘Nilsson Schmilsson’, a classic long player, reworked in Segall’s own style.

The new release isn’t the whole album (as Segall had long planned), but the six tracks more than show off his abilities when reworking other people’s material, as well as giving a good overview of a classic record in a whole new way.  What’s more, it’s free!

The original Nilsson album from 1971 is most famous for including the quirky ‘Coconut’, ‘Jump In The Fire’ and Nilsson’s hit cover of Badfinger’s ‘Without You’.  Segall, rather understandably, has side-stepped the latter for this free EP, but the other two numbers create a solid backbone for an interesting DIY re-imagining.

The EP can be streamed from the Bandcamp widget below, or downloaded from this location.