Ten Years Gone…

Real Gone is ten years old today!

When Real Gone launched back in November 2009, there was no real thought to its longevity. There wasn’t even any real thought as to whether it’d gain an audience much past a few friends. It was always going to be a useful outlet for a love of music, no matter how big or small the audience. Mostly, it going to be a hobby; a distraction.

It originally had one purpose: to highlight great albums that’d somehow been overlooked. Maybe things you might find cheaply online, maybe not, but if Real Gone could spread the word, its work was done. It was that simple.

On it’s tenth anniversary today, Real Gone is still very much a thing. The focus has changed to champion new releases from DIY bands and indie labels, but there are still articles being written about older albums just because they deserve some love. A bigger focus on cool reissues over the last eighteen months has brought us full circle in some ways and increased our audience.

Real Gone, ten years from its beginnings as a small personal blog, has grown into a fully functional, independent website. It’s now known by all kinds of people. Bands – both big and small – have been very supportive. It would have blown my teenage mind back in the 90s to think that a few Britpop icons would ever read anything I wrote…let alone send me messages, but that’s now a reality. Pretty much every day, that feels amazing.

Cult labels seek out Real Gone for an opinion or three dozen, knowing they’ll get something in-depth in return and not just their own press releases recycled. And music-obsessed readers love that week in and week out, I will be able to recommend new sounds – whether a new release or something from the past.

…And its you that makes this a success. A million opinions are useless if nobody reads them. It’s your keenness on finding new music, your interactions on social media and the fact that you’re just as obsessed with music that keeps Real Gone ticking. Whether you’ve just found the site or are a long-time supporter, thank you. Its great that you’re here. Hopefully, you’ll continue to find the words – and music – entertaining.

At this point, there’s no reason RG won’t be celebrating its twentieth anniversary. As long as there are bands and labels looking to reach out and music fans keen to read, the site will be here for you.

Thank you. All of you.

Lee Realgone
November 2019