Check out The Daydream Runaways’ current single ‘Closing The Line’

The end of anything beloved is automatically sad.  Wiltshire indie rockers Daydream Runaways have attempted to convey such an emotion on their current single ‘Closing The Line’.

Not just a throwaway pop tune, the track captures their feelings about the closure of Swindon’s Honda factory and it’s impact on the local community.  As frontman Ben Heathcote sings “Do you ever try with all you’ve got…”, its one of those moments where you’ll feel yourselves being pulled into a narrative with a real heart. The way in which his natural voice conveys emotion from the lyrics (with traces of Simple Minds’ Jim Kerr in his delivery), in many ways, makes the track.  A one-line chorus is a slight drawback, but the music is often strong enough to see things through.

Joined by a strident rhythm guitar with a strong influence from The Killers, Daydream Runaways have a contemporary pop-rock sound that’s a natural fit for radio – most obviously the Absolute station – and repeated listens to this track cement early feelings that this is a band on the rise.

You can listen to the single on Spotify, or alternatively stream it from the YouTube link below.