Kar release second single ‘On Our Own’

Despite being together for a just a few short months, Kar created an underground buzz with their debut single ‘Anything At All’.  Their follow up, ‘On Our Own’ further demonstrates why the UK three piece have quickly gained a following.

The downbeat carries an all round sadness that just makes the dual vocals of Charlie Player and Kathryn Dobbin shine as they re-awaken the introspective sadness of a few 90s bands. By the mid-point of the track, the slow, hazy jangle becomes almost hypnotic with its low-key presence. With a fuzzy electric lead cutting through at the end in the manner of an old dream pop band, there’s more than a suggestion that Kar are capable of delivering much bigger sounds, but if anything truly wins out, it’s the vocal.  The way the voices blend is so natural – as is their insistence on not disguising their homegrown accents.

Take a listen below. For those without Spotify, an audio stream can also be found on YouTube here.