Hear the new single from Strange Majik

It’s been less than a year since Strange Majik released their politically charged ‘Channel T’ album, but the ever-prolific David Pattillo and his crew are back with new material.

The first of the new songs ‘Livin’ In The Lights’ finds the band in firm funk rock mode, weaving a solid Sly Stone inspired groove against a world of mellotron and flute, always latching onto a great rhythm.  Traces of Bowie circa ‘Young Americans’ appear to be an influence at first, but it isn’t long before the number grows into something more original, more assured, very much taking a necessary side step from previous works.  In many ways, Pattillo’s heavily treated vocal is the least important ingredient in this giant musical stew, but he’s there. always behind the groove and always helping to drive everything forward.  It only takes approximately one verse and one chorus to suggest this might actually be better than most of previous album, but ‘Livin’ In The Lights’ really comes into its own during the closing phase where Jorge Continentino steps from the shadows to add a fantastic sax break…   It’s the best Strange Majik tune since ‘Going To Miami’…and If this is any indication of things to come, David Pattillo and his band are in for another great year ahead.

Take a listen below.