Listen: Runhidefight present fierce garage rock on debut 7″

Active on the live circuit since Halloween 2017, Runhidefight is a relatively new band fronted by Geeta Simons (formerly of Swisher).  They’ve been championed by Rodney Bigenheimer and Sirius XM radio, been likened to Cheap Trick and The Sonics and they’re about to play live on the same bill as Justine and The Unclean.

Their debut 7″ (issued on Hidden Volume Records) presents too high energy, guitar driven garage rock classics, almost guaranteed to prick up the ears of raucous rock everywhere.  ‘He’s A Jerk’ taps into the relationship aspects of old girl group sides from the 60s but updates it with a sneer.  The fuzzy recording really gives the guitar riffs a grittiness as they plough headfirst into something that’s one part garage rock, one part power pop (a la Justine/Unclean) and one part something that sounds like it could’ve been a Saturday morning TV theme. Geeta’s voice is stellar, serving a garage punk spite throughout which, against a particularly angry lead guitar, leads to an exciting two minute blast.  On the flip, the slower ‘Because I Love You’ pays homage to a more trad style of garage rock, with 60s vibes by the bucketload contrasted with the kind of brattish hooks you might find on an old Muffs LP.  One listen to this and it’s easy to hear why Runhidefight and Justine and The Unclean have played many of the same venues and are about to share live dates.

Grab a listen below. It’s amazing…