More titles from Cherry Red Records discounted before Xmas

Nearing the end of Cherry Red’s excellent “12 Days of Christmas” sale, it’s now the turn of the parent company to offer some great discounts in the run up to xmas.

Regular readers of Real Gone will know that the ‘Harmony In My Head’ box set covering UK based power pop and new wave is a must-have item, offering several cult classics and some genuine obscurities on a brilliantly curated 3CD set.  It’s now available at a cheaper price and worth every penny [A detailed overview of the anthology can be found here].  Also discounted is the Shoes box, containing many home recordings made by the cult US power poppers before signing to a major label.  Although more geared towards the more obsessive collector, it’s a box that’s worth having purely for the ‘Black Vinyl Shoes’ LP on CD.  [More details can be found here.]

You’ll also find various Felt reissues, a little bit of Howard Jones, the most recent Hawkwind disc, a vastly expanded House of Love box set, an anthology of British Beat groups and more besides.

Perhaps best of all, for the discerning metal fan, it’s time to pick up the ‘Contract In Blood’ 5CD box set if you haven’t already done so.  There has never been a more in-depth look at the roots and growth of UK thrash metal during the 80s.  Each disc is devoted to a different area of the UK and the expansive approach has allowed for the release of all kinds of rarities, including material by Deceptor, Acid Reign, Metal Duck, Wretched Soul, Gama Bomb and a previously unreleased track by Therapy man Michael McKeegan’s early band Evil Priest.   [A book with the same title covering the history of UK thrash boom is also discounted.]

Check out these bargains and more at the link below: