Marillion: Black Friday Sale

Prog legends Marillion are getting in the holiday spirit.  Following the release of their lavish ‘Clutching At Straws’ CD/DVD box set, the band have dug through their stocks and are offering a bunch of great stuff at dirt cheap prices for the Black Friday sales.

The good news is that most of it has never been available from standard retail stores.  The majority of the sale items are things that’ve only ever been available from the band’s own online store.

Better yet, you can pick up various fan club only CD and DVD releases for £1.99 each!  Fantastic news for those who’ve never been members or have lapsed in fandom over the years.

Also at bargain prices are a selection of t-shirts, DVDs and a three disc making of ‘Marbles’ CD.

For fans looking to fill a few gaps in the collection, this is a sale not to be missed!

Visit the Black Friday page of Marillion online store here.