The 1957 Tail-Fin Fiasco release new video; album due soon

Since releasing their free download album ‘Not For Everyone’ back in January 2017, The 1957 Tail-Fin Fiasco have been suspiciously quiet.

Over the past year, they’ve been working on new material and a new album is now expected before the end of 2018.

As a first taste of the new record ‘Harvard Tango’, the band have issued a DIY video for the lead track ’39 Grams’.  The results are…surprising.  The new track works some fairly big beats and at first seems like a dramatic shift from their own Steely Dan obsessed vibes from a secret location in Essex.  Listen carefully, though, and you’ll hear a very retro electric piano and an old style groove just trying to fight its way out.  We have no idea what this means for the rest of the long awaited long player…  Check it out for yourselves…