Hear the new single from Strange Majik

It’s been a busy couple of years for Strange Majik (aka David Pattillo). Starting with the release of 2016’s ‘Raised On Rock ‘N’ Roll’ (Real Gone’s favourite album of that year), Strange Majik began an exploration through various retro rock, blues and funk jams that reached fever pitch last year with two angry and politically charged EPs.

This summer, he embarks on his first European tour which is followed by the release of an anticipated new full length entitled ‘Channel T’.

Before the album’s appearance in September you can get a taste for Majik’s new jams, since a new single is available right now and streaming in full below.

‘Building It Up and Tearing It Down’ represents everything you’ve come to love about Strange Majik so far, in that it really reaches for funk influences within it’s shamelessly retro rock. The track is an amazing hybrid that comes across like ‘Some Girls’ era Rolling Stones channelling early Funkadelic, or perhaps even Lenny Kravitz recording under the watchful eye of Mick Jagger. With the aid of a massive guitar riff and some backing vocals clearly inspired by ‘Gimme Shelter’ and ‘Sympathy For The Devil’, the track is classic Strange Majik and bodes well for the rest of the new tunes just on the horizon.

‘Channel T’ is self-released on September 4th.  Strange Majik will be appearing at the Mau Mau Bar in London on July 2nd.