“Hey, you guys!”: Skeletoon return with Goonies themed concept album

Pirate metal doesn’t always work.   That never stopped power metallers Skeletoon giving the novelty subgenre of metal their best efforts and their debut album ‘The Curse of The Avenger’ was surprisingly enjoyable.  It really helped that the album featured some great playing to balance out the themes within the songs.  [Full review here.]

They followed that with ‘Ticking Clock’ the following year, but their third album might be their grandest idea yet.  Using a fan pledging system to get the new album made, ‘They Never Say Die’ is a concept album based on everyone’s favourite 80s movie…’The Goonies’!

The full press release follows…


After collecting  sold out with the albums “The Cursed of the avenger” and “Ticking Clock”, the acclaimed power metal band Skeletoon return with the third album “They Never Say Die”, a concept album based on The Goonies!

The album will be financed from YOU  through the musicraiser platform https://musicraiser.com/it/projects/9749-they-never-say-die-i-goonies-del-metalbut to be a real “companion” in this adventure, you have to lead us through the story:

Watch the first episode of the  WEBSERIE “SKELETOON-IES”, to discover “One Eyed Willy’s secret treasure”, here below,
AND VOTE THE ENDING YOU WANT US TO CHOOSE: you can change the Plot and make the story go Better or Worse!!! So, be wise and remember the future is in your Hands!! 


– STEP 1:
Comment below the Videos on facebook artist page: 

A) To let us follow the “Hacked” GPS or B) To make us Use the Real Map

– STEP 2: Go on 
https://musicraiser.com/it/projects/9749-they-never-say-die-i-goonies-del-metal to ensure your part of the Final Prize, Supporting our Campaign.

– STEP 3:
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 EVERY SATURDAY AT 14 PM (CET) for a new Episode and a new “Choosing Session” of your favourite Nerd Metal Webserie

You can vote in every moment, how many times you want until MARCH 16th, Hr. 23.59: then “The choose has been taken”, and you can watch the result for the following episode, the day after.

Enjoy, and remember: The Goonies Never Say Die!!!