Last Orders, Please: Watch the new video for Charlotte Carpenter’s ‘Hey Mr Cowboy’.

‘Hey Mr Cowboy’ is a dark and haunting tune that is arguably the most striking number on Charlotte Carpenter’s upcoming EP.¬† In keeping with the¬†unsettling sounds, the new video clip also has a somewhat uneasy quality, which Charlotte explains:

The video for Hey Mr Cowboy is a bit of a storyteller. The director, Joe Phipps, wanted to embrace the dark feel of the track and create something which would represent the dark side of human life. We started to talk about sins, addictions, traits we hide from others and formed the idea of creating a character who would take on all of seven deadly sins. We wanted to channel some Kubrick, Spike Jonze and almost make it an addictive, yet uneasy watch in itself. Jess, our actress was incredible and embraced every dark and random idea we thew her way. Even when we asked her to down two pints at once.

The ‘Shelter’ EP is released on October 20th, in digital and vinyl formats.

To buy the digital download from iTunes, click here.
To buy the vinyl directly from Charlotte’s website, click here.

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