When picking up something from US DIY label What’s For Breakfast? Records, there’s more than a fair chance you’ll encounter something in the garage rock mould, some riot grrl anger, or even something punky. All good staple sounds for listeners who like their sounds authentically rough and ready, but the 2017 EP from Ellen and The Degenerates goes a step further and combines all of the aforementioned with some great hooks and a decent recording. All things considered, it’s easily one of the best things the label has released.

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Mixing the cool of old soul 45s and a dusting of various rock ‘n’ roll revival meetings, Shanda & The Howlers are the sound of trouble walkin’. With a twang and a howl, their debut full length more than proves that you don’t always need originality to make a hell of an impression – you just need tightness, guts and a whole lot of conviction. It may so often be reminiscent of many a talent from a pre-Beatle era, but the band’s debut release ‘Trouble’ is a driven and fun affair that’s sure to thrill those who love Sharon Jones and maybe even impress those who dig a few late 50s throwbacks. Simply put, ‘Trouble’ is a really classy rock ‘n’ soul revue.

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Anniversary box set of Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ ‘Fever To Tell’ to be released in October

It’s hard to believe that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs debut album ‘Fever To Tell’ is almost fifteen years old. A hard and blistering garage rocker, the album has lost none of its fire over the passing years and numbers like ‘Tick’ and ‘Pin’ sound as vibrant and edgy as they ever did.

To mark almost a decade and a half of the much-loved album, the band are set to release a deluxe box set with extra goodies in a very limited quantity.

The press release below details everything you need to know…and more. We’re assuming the box hasn’t been spat on by Karen O, but it appears to cover most bases, including a cassette of demos for the first 200 customers.

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David Crosby was never known for being particularly prolific when it came to making solo albums. Between 1971 and 1993, the moustachioed megastar had only released three records. Obviously, he recorded and toured with Graham Nash and Stephen Stills in between, but even taking that into consideration, compared with his sometime collaborator Neil Young having released nineteen albums in the same time frame, he’s hardly looked busy…

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