Electric Light Orchestra’s ‘Out of the Blue’ live DVD to get SD blu-ray reissue

A firm favourite among ELO fans, the bands live concert from Wembley 1978 is to be reissued by Eagle Rock on blu-ray in March. Given the archive nature of the material, the disc will not be in high definition (HD), but SB, upscaling the material to the best quality standards.

Given that SD isn’t always much of a step up from DVD, why should fans buy this reissue? The host of extras are worth the price of admission. In addition to the main feature – a fourteen song, hour-plus performance – there’s a whole lot more ELO to enjoy on the new disc.

Extras include four songs filmed live at Brunel University in 1973, a whole show from Rockpalast and a few extra bits from 1976 and 1979, covering the glory years of the band. The full tracklist is detailed below.

1) Introduction
2) Standing In The Rain
3) Night In The City
4) Turn To Stone
5) Tightrope
6) Telephone Line
7) Rockaria!
8) Wild West Hero
9) Showdown
10) Sweet Talkin Woman
11) Mr Blue Sky
12) Do Ya
13) Livin Thing
14) Roll Over Beethoven.

Live At Brunel University 1973:
1) King Of The Universe
2) Ma-Ma-Ma Belle
3) In The Hall Of The Mountain King
4) Great Balls Of Fire

Live On Rockpalast 1974:
1) Daybreaker
2) Showdown
3) Day Tripper
4) Orange Blossom Special
5) Ma-Ma-Ma Belle
6) In The Hall Of The Mountain King
7) Great Balls Of Fire
8) Roll Over Beethoven
9) Rockpalast Interview 1974

Fusion 1976:
1) Poker
2) Nightrider
3) Showdown
4) Eldorado Overture
5) Can’t Get It Out Of My Head
6) Poor Boy (The Greenwood)
7) Illusions In G Major
8) Strange Magic
9) 10538 Overture
10) Do Ya
11) Evil Woman
12) Ma-Ma-Ma Belle
13) Roll Over Beethoven

Discovery 1979:
1) Shine A Little Love
2) Confusion
3) Need Her Love
4) Diary Of Horace Wimp
5) Last Train To London
6) Midnight Blue
7) Wishing
8) Don’t Bring Me Down

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