Check out the new DIY video from Dicktations!

New York’s Dicktations are a lo-fi garage rock/fuzz rock band that – in their frontman Miguel’s own words – are influenced by The Replacements and Guided By Voices. Their 2014 release ‘H*ckhound’ is a raucous DIY musical journey recorded in Miguel’s bedroom and basement.

The closing track ‘Driving In My Car’ is a lengthy slacker epic that’s far more drawn out in comparison to many of their recordings, but the band have chosen to celebrate it with a home movie clip that finds the band members and their friends re-enacting the closing scene from ‘Dirty Dancing’.

The band are set to work with King Pizza Records – home of Greasy Hearts and Vamanos – in the very near future.


DRIVING IN MY CAR from Beth Rudig on Vimeo.