Def Leppard’s ‘Slang’ gets deluxe treatment in February

Following the success of ‘Pyromania’, ‘Hysteria’ and ‘Adrenalize’ 2CD deluxe editions, Def Leppard are giving ‘Slang’ similar treatment in February 2014.

Moving away from the band’s signature sound, ‘Slang’ is a “Marmite” album for fans (ie: they either love it or hate it), but despite the mixed response, it still scored the Leps three hit singles in the title track, ‘Promises’ and ‘Work It Out’.

The new deluxe version appends five non-album tracks to the original album on disc one, while including an album’s worth of demos and alternate material on the bonus disc.  Reports suggest the digital release will have a completely different set of bonus tracks for the second disc.  The new edition of the album does not include the live acoustic tracks featured on the original 2CD version (released only in Japan).

Disc 1 (original album and b-sides)

  • Truth?
  • Turn to Dust
  • Slang
  • All I Want is Everything
  • Work It Out
  • Breathe a Sigh
  • Deliver Me
  • Gift of Flesh
  • Blood Runs Cold
  • Where Does Love Go When It Dies
  • Pearl of Euphoria
  • Move with Me Slowly (originally Japanese  onlybonus track)
  • Truth? (Original Version) (B-side)
  • Burnout (B-side)
  • Worlds Collide (B-side)
  • Can’t Keep Away from the Flame (B-side)


Disc 2 (demos, etc – all previously unreleased)

  • Turn to Dust (1st Draft)
  • Raise Your Love
  • All I Want Is Everything (1st Draft)
  • Work It Out (1st Draft)
  • Breathe a Sigh (Rough Mix)
  • Deliver Me (Rough Mix)
  • Black Train
  • Blood Runs Cold (Rough Mix)
  • Where Does Love Go When It Dies (1st Draft)
  • Pearl of Euphoria (Rough Mix)
  • All on Your Touch (2012 Revisit)
  • Anger Me (Deliver Me – 1st Draft)
  • Move On Up (Viv Demo)
  • Gift of Flesh (Phil Vocal)


REAL GONE SAYS:  A completely different set of bonuses for digital customers? Come on, now! We know you’re having a hissy-fit over record company royalties with regard to digital sales and are still feeling ripped off, but please don’t rip fans off in this way.  Given the average age of your fans, they’re going to want the digital only tracks – and they won’t be using iTunes, they’ll expect a physical release… Please give it to them.