Long rumoured Saxon acoustic/re-recorded disc released in October

First mooted back in 2011, British metal legends Saxon will finally release their promised disc of acoustic and orchestral re-recordings on 21st October.

‘Unplugged & Strung Up’ – a fourteen track collection of re-worked material – has been confirmed with the following track listing:

01. Stallions Of The Highway (remix)
02. Crusader (orchestral version)
03. Battle Cry
04. The Eagle Has Landed (orchestral version)
05. Red Star Falling (orchestral version)
06. Broken Heroes (orchestral version)
07. Call To Arms (orchestral version)
08. Militia Guard
09. Forever Free (re-recorded version)
10. Just Let Me Rock (re-recorded version)
11. Frozen Rainbow (acoustic version)
12. Iron Wheels (live acoustic version)
13. Requiem (acoustic version)
14. Coming Home (acoustic version)

At least six of these recordings have surfaced prior to this release: the orchestral version of ‘Call To Arms’ appeared as a bonus track on the original album, while another five were previously issued as the bonus disc with the band’s 2013 release ‘Sacrifice’.

Initial copies of ‘Unplugged & Strung Up’ also feature a bonus disc. In this case, the whole of Saxon’s 2002 collection of revisited works ‘Heavy Metal Thunder’ (which itself also had a limited edition bonus disc).