R.E.M. ‘Green’ deluxe edition to be released in May

A 2CD deluxe edition of R.E.M.’s ‘Green’ will be released in May. Arguably the band’s finest album, the new edition pairs the original release with a disc of previously unreleased live recordings.

The newly released live gig was recorded live in Greensboro in 1989 on the penultimate night of the ‘Green’ tour.

The confirmed tracklist for the new package is as follows:

Disc One: ‘Green’ Remastered

1. ‘Pop Song 89’
2. ‘Get Up’
3. ‘You Are the Everything’
4. ‘Stand’
5. ‘World Leader Pretend’
6. ‘The Wrong Child’
7. ‘Orange Crush’
8. ‘Turn You Inside Out’
9. ‘Hairshirt’
10. ‘I Remember California’
11. ‘Untitled’

Disc Two: ‘Live in Greensboro 1989′

1. ‘Stand’
2. ‘The One I Love’
3. ‘Turn You Inside Out’
4. ‘Belong’
5. ‘Exhuming McCarthy’
6. ‘Good Advices’
7. ‘Orange Crush’
8. ‘Cuyahoga’
9. ‘These Days’
10. ‘World Leader Pretend’
11. ‘I Believe’
12. ‘Get Up’
13. ‘Life and How to Live It’
14. ‘Its the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)’
15. ‘Pop Song 89’
16. ‘Fall On Me’
17. ‘You Are the Everything’
18. ‘Begin the Begin’
19. ‘Low’
20. ‘Finest Worksong’
21. ‘Perfect Circle’

Ahead of the album’s release, there will also be an extremely limited EP released on April 20th for the 2013 Record Store Day. The ‘Live In Greensboro’ EP features five live recordings not included on the main release.

‘Live in Greensboro’ EP Track Listing

1. ‘So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)’
2. ‘Feeling Gravitys Pull’
3. ‘Strange’
4. ‘King of Birds’
5. ‘I Remember California’

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