Dinosaur Jr: New video for ‘Watch The Corners’ posted online

Ahead of their tenth studio album ‘I Bet On Sky’, the legendary Dinosaur Jr have posted a new video clip online.

The video is for their new single ‘Watch The Corners’ and stars comedian Tim Heidecker of ‘Time & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!’

This is not the first video clip to appear within the last week combining a rock band and a comedian, since Nickelback also launched their video clip starring ‘Seinfeld’ man Jason Alexander a few days previously.

‘I Bet On Sky’ is Dinosaur Jr’s third release since the band’s 2007 reformation and once again reunites the original line up of J Mascis (vocals/guitar), Lou Barlow (bass, vocals) and Murph (drums).

The album is released in the UK on September 17th and has the following confirmed tracklist:

01 “Don’t Pretend You Didn’t Know”
02 “Watch The Corners”
03 “Almost Fare”
04 “Stick A Toe In”
05 “Rude”
06 “I Know It Oh So Well”
07 “Pierce The Morning Rain”
08 “What Was That”
09 “Recognition”
10 “See It On Your Side”

The band are currently touring the US until the end of October. There are no UK dates confirmed.