UK singer-songwriter Clara Barker is funding new album via RocketHub

Following her 2010 release ‘Indigo’, UK singer-songwriter Clara Barker is almost ready to unleash new music, but she needs your help!

Her new album, entitled ‘The Good Ideas Club’, is being funded by RocketHub – a pledge styled campaign, where you not only get to purchase the new music, but other cool goodies and extras, depending on how much you donate.

In addition to the new full length disc, Clara is also offering an exclusive EP. The EP, entitled ‘RocketJam’ features never before heard songs alongside new versions of ‘Indigo’ tracks and will only be available to those who contribute funds to the making of the new LP. The EP is only available for the 90 days during which the RocketHub campaign is active.

The campaign can be found via this link:

Listen to ‘Cowboy Ninja Bear’ – a track from ‘Indigo’, complete with fan-made video clip – by clicking below.