Revelation Records’ 25th anniversary: fan footage of various sets

For a quarter of a century, Revelation Records have released a string of fantastic punk/hardcore records.  The label was the first home to hardcore legends Sick Of It All, and throughout the late eighties and nineties released unmissable records by Youth of Today, Sense Field, Orange 9mm, Into Another and far more besides.

Between June 7th-10th at The Glasshouse in Pomona, California, four gigs were staged to mark their anniversary, featuring key bands associated with the label’s past and present.  Sets were played by Gameface and the ever-reliable Sick Of It All, with three of the four shows headlined by the reformed Gorilla Buscuits, and the fourth headed by the reformed Youth Of Today.

While the shows featured some great punk/hardcore talents, there was also a surprise in store.  One of the best cult bands in Revelation’s history, Quicksand, reunited for a one-off performance on June 10th.  A side-project headed by Walter Shreifiels, their 1993 full-length debut is a genre classic.

Below, you can view quality fan filmed footage of the Quicksand reunion (June 10th), Gameface (June 7th) the June 6th set by Into Another and Gorilla Biscuits (June 8th). Also provided are links to some of the great moments from the Revelation catalogue.